Hello! Welcome to Designs by Shayla! I design any card for any event! You can contact me through email at shayshayjohnson@gmail.com or shaylatutdesigns@gmail.com. I can custom make them for you however you want me to do them.


Design Fee $15
(Announcements and any events)
*Prints are 75 cents each if you'd like me to print them.
*You pay shipping and handling

Prices per announcement when you order through me...
100+ ... 75 cents
250+ ... 60 cents
500+ ... 50 cents
* White 5x7 envelopes included in price

I also can do Double Sided 5x7 announcements on thick Well-quality cardstalk paper.
If you want a sample, let me know.
Prices per announcement for double sided announcement...
100+... $1.00
500+... $.75


1. Contact me through email.
2. Send me the photos you want me to work with. In JPEG Format and 300 DPI. If you don't do this, the pictures wont turn out in full.
3. I'll email you back proofs of your order until we finally get it perfect.
4. I can print them for you or sell you a CD for $10.00 so you can print them yourself.

Here are a few samples of a few things I have done.